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Help Me Score a Win in Networking!

We made it into our final week in the month of January for this year, with new resolutions and new attitudes that we declared and proclaimed. However, for some, the days in this month could have already had its obstacles and then for others they have scored everyday thus far. While this could be either business or life endeavors, we are all focusing on strategies to win! Because, we all want 2015 to get us energized better than caffeine. So, how are you moving and shaking towards your goals this year?!

The adage, “It takes teamwork to make the dream work” is so true!

Well, how do you develop this teamwork?! Hmmm… Let’s see…. Okay… One Word: Networking!

2015 can still be your best year yet; you just need the tools to win!

Since the super bowl is right around the corner and they will be kicking off and scoring touchdowns, I’m going to provide you with tips to help you SCORE BIG in the field of networking! Ready…Set…HIKE!

Confidence: First impressions mean everything! So, why not garner the confidence needed to win! Confidence is something that is detected when you are communicating with others. Are you having good posture? Making good eye contact? Articulating a clear pitch? Displaying a positive attitude? These questions are a good analysis on making sure you display that confidence needed to maneuver the room and communicate to those around you!

Communication: Ask those good ol’ open-ended questions! How do you think that would work for you? Personally, I think you are able to get more information needed than asking those yes or no questions. What do you think? Besides, you want to create a conversation that’s a two way street and engaging. Communicating with individuals allows you to see how you can work together and develop the teamwork to make the dream work.

Create: Create a blueprint for yourself to know what your networking goals are! Rather business or in life, we need a blueprint. What are your goals? Are you networking for leads? Do you want to just mingle? Create your blueprint and allow yourself to know what you want to accomplish while on this networking extravaganza! It’s a journey that you will need to be guided on or else you will aimlessly work the room and might not score a win on the field!

Know Who You Are: Thought I was going to have another “C” point to help you score big? Not this time... I like to think different. Hence, I stress the importance of being genuine and authentic! Remember, you are building a relationship. So, distinguish yourself and let the people know who you are! Besides, how else will they know you?!

Circle Back: Yes, I’m back on another “C” point because I like to circle back! Just like I circled back, it’s important that you too circle back as well! You can have the confidence, communicate, create, and know who you are, but if you don’t circle back, how can you continue to keep the relationship alive and make the dream work! So, I stress once again CIRCLE BACK!

Scoring BIG in the field of networking can take you a long way to make it happen in 2015! Time to get out there and move and shake to making things happen this year! So, tell me… Are you READY for some Networking?!

©JazzCellence, LLC 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

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