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Expressing Your Gratitude

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, we are often reminded on the principle of giving thanks. The thought of a simple “Thank you” can go a long way not just in our personal lives, but business as well. Just recently, I was shopping at a grocery store to get an early start on Thanksgiving preparations. Anxiously shopping and specifically looking for items needed to make my savory Mac N Cheese dish, I strolled my shopping cart down the aisles. Employees from all over stopped to assist me, and usually, I’m not in such a rush, but time was ticking and I needed to be in and out of the store to handle others affairs. As I gathered my items and approached the check out, I felt accomplished in knowing I scored a win in getting the items needed to make my mouthwatering dish!

I cashed out and before leaving, something in my conscience told me to stop and look at a flyer I saw at the entrance (Now, I usually do this, but this one was nowhere to be seen at first). As I flipped through the pages, I noticed that one of the items I purchased had a coupon for $1.50 off. Hey! Who doesn’t love a savings?! So, I spun my shopping cart in an about face and headed towards customer service to inquire if I could get the discount for the product I just purchased. Without a problem, the associate honored the coupon and made me one happy customer! In return, I expressed my gratitude with a “thank you!”

As I was attempting to head out for the second time, I noticed a familiar associate whom I stopped and acknowledged with a warm hello! The joy on the associates face to have a customer stop to say hello, put a thrill on their face! We had a short conversation, but they ended the conversation complimenting my attire and a Thank You for shopping with them! It was truly a pleasure and when I got home, I tweeted to express my gratitude for outstanding customer service! So, today I point out 3 reasons why expressing your gratitude is needed!

Expressing Your Gratitude:

  • Acknowledge The Good Works in People – We are so quick to say the negatives when we receive service, but a simple acknowledgement when we have good customer service can go a long way. No matter the role an individual has, their duties are still pertinent to keep the workflow of the company going smooth. A simple “Thank you” can encourage the worker and let them know their duties are of value!

  • Build a Positive Reputation- With the power of media these days, many can get tarnished or kudos for their personal and business affairs. Find a way to find the good in the service you receive. We all need good publicity in the world and one positive acknowledgement can go a long way.

  • Remember the Golden Rule- Yes, the Golden Rule can be applied in so many ways in regarding gratitude. Treat others how you want to be treated! Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. Would you like someone to treat you with no care in the world?

Whether in our personal or business affairs, let’s express gratitude! A simple “Thank You” can go far! Remember, the moments we treasure in life that make us feel appreciated, are priceless. That’s a satisfaction that’s always guaranteed!

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